Atomic Hooligan - You Are Here Remixes pt2

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  • Following on from remixes by Ils and BLIM, part two in the ‘You Are Here’ vinyl sampler features a highly anticipated remix by Aquasky (the Hooligan's remix of ‘All In Check’ has been a personal favourite) and one by Atomic Hooligan themselves. Aquasky take on the remix of ‘Wait 'Til You're Sleeping’ in their warehouse-rave-meets-breakbeat guise utilising a squelchy electro hook which sounds like it evolved from the tear out sounds they were producing three years ago. Carpet Face's vocals don't escape the effects unit either as he gets the cliche vocoder and chop up treatment. This is big on a crossover tip and should fit well in an electrohouse mix as much as it would a breaks mix. The Atomic Hooligan remix of Hey Gravity’s ‘Inside Out’ is an exclusive tune to the remixes 12" but in true Hooligan style it retains the indie rock meets breakbeat appeal that was quite prominent in the album (and a lot of their recent remixes for that matter). The tune features two distinct basslines, the first being a rock influenced bassline which then transforms into a bouncing electro bass and is helped out by a disco-rock drum beat. Indie DJs should definitely check this one out - rock for the dancefloor.