Jay Stewart - I'm Crazy, You're Crazy

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  • Menu Music are certainly on fire lately with release after release gaining themselves some well-deserved credibility, not only for putting out good dancefloor-oriented tunes, but also for exposing new artists to the game. Their latest signing comes from home soil with up-and-coming UK producer Jay Stewart offering up ‘I'm Crazy, You're Crazy’. Jay has previously released tunes for Re:Connect (as Refunk) as well as Functional with both releases ending up on CDs by the Plump DJs (‘Mixmag Breakbeat Annual’) and Jay Cunning & Atomic Hooligan (‘Beats & Bobz 5’). On the remix tip, Menu present another new signing in the form of Breakspoll award winner Dopamine. The original version features a cheeky high-pitched female vocal with complimentary electro bleeps and squelches. ‘I'm Crazy...’ is made into a very funky tune by a really catchy bassline and jazzy drum breaks, with the only criticism being that upon dancefloor tests it sounded a little thin on the big club system. Even worse is the bleepy breakdown which sounded sparse and left the crowd a little spaced out. Great ideas and a great tune, but perhaps could have been utilised better. Dopamine's remix on the flip beefs up the bottom end a little more and adds a little disco flavour courtesy of retro synth stabs. Dopamine sets the tone a little deeper with an ominous bassline alongside the original bassline, which makes short appearances throughout. The tune is also fitted with a classic breakbeat and the high-pitched sample is given a different arrangement. There's definitely something here for different dancefloors.