Heidi vs. Riton - Vejer EP

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  • Last time Riton released something on Get Physical (2005’s ‘Closer/Walk on Water’ 12”), it was a real tour de force: he succeeded at both being freakily danceable and genuinely emotive, sometimes at the same time. This release was his best so far, and Get Physical’s most memorable tracks from that year (seriously, can you remember what Jona’s ‘Full Time’ or DJ T’s ‘Stalker’ sounded like? Yeah, me neither). On his latest 12” for the Berlin-based label, he hooked up (musically speaking) with his girlfriend, Canadian-born but London-based Heidi, owner of a dance record store (Phonica) and DJ in her own right (incidentally, she has a mix coming out this Fall on GPM). ‘Vejer’ is the puzzling result of that collaboration. There is nothing particularly dislikeable about ‘Vejer’. Actually, it is truly surprising to hear cellos (yes: cellos!) in the middle of a house track (it will reconcile any dancer with their inner, chamber-music-fan side). But there is nothing specifically sexy about it either: it ends up sounding like any straight-forward, generic, minimalicious old-school dance stuff coming out of any Germanophile bedrooms these days. The problem is, when it’s over, you barely can remember what you just heard. Seriously: where’s the hook? Where’s the fun in all this? Is this the only baby this pretty hot couple can come up with when they get, hmm, physical? The Jesse Rose remix and dub, on the other hand, may be beefier numbers (although I do not personally hear any differences between them, considering they’re both instrumental tracks), but they add nothing to redeem the whole package. At this stage, you’d really come to expect more from Get Physical, and particularly from Riton. In other words: cute couple but inconsequential love.
  • Tracklist
      A. Vejer B1. Vejer (Jesse Rose Remix) B2. Vejer (Jesse Rose 'Back To Yours' Dub)