Majool/Rico Tubbs - Buenos Aires/Ghetto Soul Remixes

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  • Fresh from signing and releasing Majool's ‘Buenos Aires’ with Rico Tubbs' ‘Ghetto Soul’ on the flip, Menu Music presents yet another new signing to the label, inviting 601 to provide their take on the two tunes in a release available at the Menu Music website. 601 are a relatively new group comprised of members Nathaniel and Sketchy who during their formative years toured with Loop Guru and worked with members of Deep Impact. Recently they’ve also signed to Canadian breakbeaters Influenza's Epidemic Recordings. For ‘Buenos Aires’, 601 unleash a heavily syncopated breakbeat with funky rhythms aiming their focus straight for the dancefloor. The original bassline is then taken to the 601 chopping board as they throw in short snippets complimenting each with electro squelchy goodness. They’ve taken to this remix like a rock-jazz outfit, incorporating off-kilter drum fills which give the tune a studio session feel. On the other hand, ‘Ghetto Soul’ has been taken down a notch compared to the highly energetic original. 601 still manage to incorporate their very rock-influenced drum sounds, but now they've introduced their own bassline, horn sample and electro hook. It's still good, however what made the original pulled people towards the dancefloor (from what I've seen anyway) was its really catchy, infectious rhythm and a theme that harked back to the days of old skool funk - something that Rico is really talented at producing. 601 have done a decent job with the remixes, not too sure if they'd actually work on a dancefloor but would probably sound better if done by a live group - drums and all.
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