Aquasky - Addiction/Red Out Remixes

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  • Passenger records' sister label 777 (one of the many sister labels in Aquasky's ranch) has certainly carved a niche for itself in the genre slowly shying away from the party-style bassline breaks it started off with to now where it fuses the sounds of electro, hip hop and even house and techno. For their latest release, Aquasky have invited a couple of their favourite breakbeat producers to give their interpretation of Addiction/Red Out - release 3 on 777's roster. Roxiller's Chris Carter takes on Addiction and incorporates a drum beat with a 2-steppy shuffle to it and drops a bassline using the same melody as the original but on a massive warbling electro tip. "I remember when you would say..." Yes! I seem to recall a massive female vocal laid on top of the original which is suprisingly missing in Carter's remix. My suspicions however lean towards an uncleared sample which probably explains it's disappearance but it was an awesome vocal. Punk Funkers JDS drop their take of Red Out on the flip and for those who haven't heard the original, it's Aquasky's interpretation of the classic RIP Groove bassline featuring documentary style narration from a pilot explaining how "the blood rushes to your head". JDS take a massive 303 line and place it on top of a more subtle beat compared to the original, making this a very deep electro version of the tune, with the original narrative vocals placed in the JDS blender. As the tune progresses, JDS slowly but surely increase the pressure on the electro 303 hook so by the end of the tune it builds into a massive rave-like beast. After comparing this to the original 12", I can't help but feel somewhat disappointed as the original had so much energy. This one's for fans of deep brooding electro styles.
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