Ivory - The Wolf/Blaze A Trail

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  • Already garnering plenty of acclaim from his "Free The Beast" EP release late last year on Rat Records, Ivory is being hailed as one of the most exciting new artists to hit the breakbeat scene presenting a mashup of breakbeat, garage, punk and jungle with notable comparisons to the likes of the Prodigy, John Lydon and Iron Maiden to name a few. Helping Ivory deliver his bold and brash statements are the breakbeat prodigies, Ctrl-Z and the Breakfastaz who churn out rhythms and melodies that are worlds apart from each other yet fit Ivory's vocals to a tea. Anyone who's heard Ctrl-Z's Shotgun Riddim on Hardcore Beats will know that melding the sounds of hard rock and breakbeat is nothing new for the Ctrl-Z boys and on Wolf they go pull out all stops utilising a crunchy distorted guitar riff and a rocking Pendulum style breakbeat. During the verse Ctrl-Z drop the tempo to halftime and drop samples of dogs barking as Ivory tells his disdain for the wolves out there - the type of people known to be deceitful, cunning and would strike at any chance they see your back turned. With beats locked down by the Breakfastaz, Blaze A Trail takes on a different style compared to Wolf heading towards the ravey breakbeat territory that we've come to respect about the 'fastaz. A high-pitched synth hook brings out the melody in the tune and sits atop a trademark Breakfastaz beat. This time Ivory spits lightning fast deliveries assisted by a female vocal during the chorus.