Def Inc - 50K/Phat Admirer

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  • Def Inc (Larry Holcombe and Mark Kane) are one of the newest duos to cause a stir on the burgeoning breaks scene blowing up with the body rockin', b-boy breakin' double platter Acid Rock/Stripped Down Funk on 777 and "Waking The Dread" on Spinout Records. For Botchit Breaks they deliver one wobble board bassline rocker and a ragga flavoured tune on the jump up tip. 50K kicks off with a steady grooving breakbeat and before you know it, a vocal sample claims that the tune is powered by "50,000 watts of funkin!" It certainly does bring out the funk thanks to a blaxploitation funk guitar lick, a highly energetic breakbeat which is now loaded up with percussive effects with a big rolling wobble bass line beefing up the testosterone levels and certainly holding it all together. Proven to get a crowd going crazy on the dancefloor! On a different tip, Phat Admirer takes elements of ragga and fuses it with breaks. OK so it's not exactly a new thing - in fact it could be easily shown that the earliest breaks crossover tunes were in fact ragga breaks. The things that made the tunes so good, as Def Inc have shown here, are the massive feel good vocal samples, the offbeat "hands in the air" style reggae hooks and of course the massive basslines - Phat Admirer dons a rather growly bassline with massive drops throughout. While Def Inc haven't really broken any new territory (and it is pretty hard to do so) they have certainly brought a massive party element to this release and is quite a new direction for Botchit Breaks considering the output of their previous releases.