Deadly Avenger - FabricLive.04

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  • Now let me just say from the outset that FabricLive 04 by Deadly Avenger is my least liked effort from the flawless Fabric series. Let me then go on to say that it is by no means a bad mix, far from it, the only fault being that it is placed amongst the sheer genius of Craig Richards, Terry Francis, Jon Marsh and numerously talented others. It is quite unique to the series, embracing elements of Hip Hop, Rap and Drum & Bass, but it also demonstrates the fantastic Turntabilism of Deadly Avenger. It’s a fun party mix, fun being the operative word, and it definitely has its moments. The first tune, “We Took Pelham” by Deadly Avenger is a belter, cinematic and empowering to say the least. The London sound is represented with “Put Em Up” by Frank Delour. DJ LBR’s “Make Some Noise” is sure to get some moving. We are thrusted back to the 80’s with “I Believe in Miracles” by the Jackson Sisters. Many will be familiar with Crooklyn Clan’s amusing “Let’s Get Ill” – that’s right Dog!! Many will be thinking if they have the right album once the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” fills the audio waves. Petricone’s “Handz Across The Water Mix” concludes the mix with some heavy beats and scratched lyrics. It’s a party mix this one, and as such I must say I quite enjoyed this mix. It goes through twists and turns blending rough modern sounds with 80’s classics. Expertly scratched, slashed, gashed, cut and pasted by Deadly Avenger, I’m sure he is a man that has had the rooms of Fabric in frenzy.