Steelzawheelz - Discotron

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  • West records head honchos, Steelzawheelz deliver their debut release on Angus Robinson's Moneyshot imprint following up their remix of Moneyshot 002 - Myagi's "Make It Loud". On the remix tip, the Drumattic Twins provide their shady rhythms to the tune and inject some fatness into it. Discotron starts off with a deep, percussive breakbeat which leads into a long progressive intro which slowly adds elements of funky bass and disco guitar licks. Quite similar to the sounds of Fingerlickin in their early days, yet on a somewhat subdued tip. Steelzawheelz drop an awesome old school vocal sample - definitely one for the trainspotters out there and towards the end they incorporate a subtle yet effective acid loop. Definitely a tune for the roller rink discos. The Drumattic Twins remix spices up the flavour and goes down a heavier b-boy rocking tip, dropping the vocal sample during the intro accompanied by a fat drum break and electro hook. After a quick drum fill, the tune settles into a trademark Drumattic style break loaded with electric cowbells and an 80's electro influenced synth hook. Those who are familiar with the Drumattics' tune "Bring It On Down" done with Aquasky recently, can feel the similarities between the tune. There's certainly a side for different dancefloors in this release and this is definitely one Moneyshot tune not to be missed.
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