Jona - The Learnings

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  • Hot Berlin label Get Physical serves up two genre-defying tracks for the dancefloor on 'The Learnings', a 12" from young Belgian up-and-comer Jona (Jonathan Troupin). The A-side 'Learning From Making Mistakes' starts dark and deep, with skittish, glitchy beats (faintly reminiscent of a less fractured Apparat), and a driving bassline that boldly pushes onto the dancefloor. At this point the track will most likely already have a crowd moving, but at the three-minute mark a trance-like melody comes in. It slowly but surely rises over the edgy beats in a series of build-ups until it takes flight (and the crowd with it). This is a track that could work well in the hands of a number of DJs, nestled in a minimal set from Richie Hawtin, popping up in one of Michael Mayer's sweeping journeys, or taking flight in a James Holden set. The flip side 'Full Pool' pushes even further into the realms of genre defiance, as a cool guitar riff meets with a chiming electronic bassline (which somehow sounds faintly Japanese), then a flute, and then yet more guitar riffs. It all comes together to create an infectiously joyous track that revels in the interplay of its elements. Recommended for those looking for tracks that will work on almost any dancefloor, as well as those interested in the increasingly inclusive 'minimal-tech-house' sound (yes, categorizations are becoming quite ridiculous lately).
  • Tracklist
      A Learning From Making Mistakes B Full Pool