SOTO - Ghetto Blast Ya

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  • Botchit & Scarper's SOTO certainly take their time when it comes to releasing tunes, however one can't dismiss the fact that both manage a highly respected breakbeat label as well as working for Fuel, Rat Records and associated labels. SOTO's sound can best be described as deep, electro-infused breakbeat, paying homage to the likes of Man Parrish, as heard on tunes like Hootenany. On remix duties, Menu have called upon the Finnish breaker, Rico Tubbs to tear up the dancefloor. The Original starts off with a b-boy rockin hip hop break, which sounds like a sped up version of the break in Run DMC/Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" and features a cut-up hip hop sample on top accompanied by a bouncy electro hook. The first breakdown introduces a deep rolling bassline and the electro hook plays a bigger role. But what's really prominent is the rhythm shift going from a 4/4 to a wicked triplet break, which the vocal arrangement is reworked to fit. The triplet rhythm takes hold of the tune for most of the track until the end when SOTO return to the 4/4 rhythm, making it easier to mix out of - how considerate. Triplet breaks aren't exactly new in the realm of breakbeat - we can probably thank the 2-step/UK Garage crews and also DJs Quest and Mutiny for doing their triplet thing, however Ghetto Blast Ya is probably the first one which seems to really fit the beat. On the flip side, the 'Rico Tubbs Mix' takes the electro hook and reworks it into a samba-ish groove before dropping a slightly different breakbeat arrangement to the original and a "Ja, Ja, jay, jay!" vocal sample - props to Menu's label owner, Jay Cunning! For the most part, Rico's remix stays on a 4/4 time signature tip, however it does switch over to triplets during breakdowns and drum fills and features a massive synth melody - one for the dancefloor and one that wouldn't confuse people too much.
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