Bug & Tanzmann - Shick n Shock EP

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  • The latest release on Poker Flat Recordings, number 69 to be more precise, comes from label boss Steve Bug and Matthias Tanzmann, label head of the also very respected Moon Harbour Recordings. Both these German producers are very much forces on their own and also collectively, and between them have quite an impressive discography. Bug has notched up more than 35 remixes and is best known for his original ‘Loverboy’ while Tanzmaann is known for his collaborations with Daniel Stefanik and also for his guise Gamat 3000. On the 'Shick n Shock EP’ the pair present a real blend of serious minimal programming and some dark acid encounters. The A-side 'Shick’ starts with some short hi-hats and a repetitive and deep clap which slowly hook your ears in and your feet moving. Then comes the slow build of the dark, but not too obvious melody, which becomes the focus of the piece and then leads the track. A real solid, minimal outing that would sit well with a Carl Craig number or Martini Bros outing, the track builds and chops to its breakdown, after which a confusing chopping gnarl overtakes the production. ‘Shock’ on the B-side is presented as being ‘less dark more funky’. The flip still has that minimal edge but there’s a bit more going on with shuffling hi-hats and a rolling bass line which lead the track into the build of a catchy chord. This offering will definitely get some peaktime airplay, and not to mention a re-rub for after hours shenanigans. Overall it’s avery tight release from Bug and Tanzmann. There are no surprises here or overly clever production, just straight up minimal, textured cuts with acid reduced elements that should see a range of DJs fitting this one into their sets. It would have been nice to see both of these talents push their abilities a little further as I feel between them they have more than enough production skill to produce some minimal classics.