LoStep - Because We Can

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  • Because We Can is the first long-player from famed Melbourne collaborators Luke Chable and Phil K; two big-hitters in the world of dance music who are taking the path less travelled - the full-length artist album. Few producers can actually execute such a thing, particularly those who have a penchant for anthems, but Phil K and Chable certainly have the expertise. 'Because We Can' is opened and interspersed with charming, if not a little conventional, Sasha-esque ambient synth dittys - all perfectly pleasant but really nothing new. They range from the placid Airdrawndagger intro of '6am Sedna', to the sparse and meaningless audio Ping-Pong of 'Family Tennis'. In between these and the big numbers, are tracks such as 'Theme From A Fairy Tale' – a downtempo and fluid breakbeat, with a tight, progressive style, and 'Naughty', whose lilting, whistling pads, melt into a menace of dark, roaring bass and half-time rocky beat. The latter suitably sets the pace for its successor 'Because We Can' – a self-assured little stormer if ever there was one, and a current single. Heavy on the bass and bleepy acid notes (straight out of Superpitcher's 'Happiness'), 'Because…' is destined for peak-time club mayhem, further guaranteed as its potent 4/4 kick cuts to an accelerated full-on breakbeat three quarters through. After a short respite with the erratic 'Computer Crash', 'Little Peaking' heads back into the night music with its noisy, hi-energy loops and razor-sharp beats. 'Dr. King's Surgery' follows with a bouncing tribal-house sound, before it too cuts to a rabid breakbeat halfway. The enduring LoStep classic, 'Burma', begins drawing the album to a close. One of the duo's first collaborations and indeed triumphs, it's treated to a subtle update with some revitalising tweaks ensuring it fits seamlessly into its new home. The final cut is 'Villain', nothing earth-shattering here but my personal fav – a typical Luke Chable stunner, his immaculate production style is abundantly obvious in this flawless, summertime breaks beauty. 'Because We Can' still feels a little like a compilation of singles, but that's not to say it's not an admirable body of work or not better than many other artist albums out there in dance land.