Triple R - Selection 4

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  • Triple R aka Riley Reinhold returns with what is now his fifth mix CD, and his third showcasing his well-respected label Trapez. The class of Trapez can be seen in the quality of names found on this mix CD - producers such as John Tejada, Alex Smoke, Alex Under and Dominik Eulberg join a host of talented newcomers like Ryan Crosson. The mixture of more established names and fresh talent provides for a nice balance and successfully represents the nature of Triple R's label. Proceedings commence in rather mellow fashion with a Tejada remix of Oliver Hacke which has an almost Detroit-ish feel to it. Reinhold kindly continues to ease us into the mix, and only with the arrival of the third track, Patrice Baumel's appropriately titled, "Shower Of Ice", do things move up a gear. The mixture of metallic sounds and more trance-like melodies pave the way well for "Gasthof "Zum Satten Bass"", one of Eulberg's strongest tracks of late. By now, Reinhold has forced us out of our chairs and onto the dancefloor with Eulberg most definitely getting the legs moving and the fists pumping. Unfortunately though, the following track "Coldcut" by Burnski is a weak effort that doesn't quite hit the mark. Its vocal and acidish riff give it an old school feel, but not in a good way. It is not long however before things are back on track, as another Hacke remix makes its way into the set. This time it is the talented Alex Under who gives us a subtle, but extremely well produced reinterpretation in what is one of the mix's strongest moments. The minimal house vibe that Triple R started creating with Under continues through the next couple of records as the mix ticks along nicely. In what appears to be a constant pattern throughout the CD, the next highlight again comes from a big name remixer as Alex Smoke applies his considerable talents to Under's "Las Bicicletas Son Para El Verano". In rather sneaky fashion Reinhold keeps us rocking with this, and the excellent debut from Ryan Crosson, which comes next. This is probably the strongest part of the mix as the distorted buildup and kick on "Painters Day" packs quite a punch (in an understated minimal house sort of way). The next couple of records keep us shuffling, with Audio Werner's bouncy "Just Wanna Get Down" being a rather delightful number. Reinhold finishes the mix off well with an unreleased post-acid house track he has co-produced with Remute, bringing a really good mix to a fitting close. This is a great mix CD by Triple R. As you would expect from a veteran DJ like Reinhold, the mixing is proficient and the transitions are well handled. There is a danger with label CDs that sometimes they are a bit inconsistent or alternatively, sound a bit same-ish. That "Selection 4" avoids this pitfall, keeping us entertained and moving throughout is representative of the strength and diversity of Trapez. In so far as the aim of this mix is to showcase his label, Riley Reinhold more than achieves his purpose. At a time when minimal house is popping up on a wide range of labels, "Selection 4" tells us not to forget about estabished players like Trapez, who are doing a good job of pushing fresh talent (most notably Crosson on this mix), while giving us new cuts from the bigger names. For a good taste of subtle, well produced minimal house, this is a mix CD worth giving a look.