SHE Spells Doom - Bossano

  • All Centre taps the Zambian producer for its first-ever vinyl release.
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  • Wamya Tembo, AKA SHE Spells Doom, is a shapeshifter. When he's not making techno edits of Playboi Carti and FKA twigs, he's putting together bassy mixes that move from batida to Drexciyan electro. The Lusaka-based artist draws from a sweeping musical palette—in interviews, he often cites John Carpenter's score for Big Trouble In Little China as a key inspiration—but there's one trait that underpin all his releases: nimble, often sinister percussion. Bossano, his first solo release on vinyl and his second EP in the span of two months, features three tracks that show off Tembo's love of drum-heavy styles from across the world. Amapiano's rounded and deep kicks are on show, along with gqom's heaving beats and hints of UK funky. His meticulous arrangement is particularly impressive. Layered, lithe drum work is delivered in jerky bursts instead of relentless passages while bits of melody are teased in between, demonstrating Tembo's control and restraint. "Bossano" and "Manta" are packed with textural details like shakers, whistles, crisp hi-hats and faint bells that add whimsical texture without getting too abstract. Both have a steady cadence that allows for serious hip shimmying, yet are pulsing enough to fully get in the zone. These two tracks build momentum for the EP's most peak-time offering, "Penza." Unlike its predecessors, which start off at a moderate pace, "Penza" dives straight into a jolting rhythm underlined by thudding kicks. These weighty cuts are sparse but loaded up with claps and snare rolls that feel taut and springy, a testament to Tembo's polished production.
  • Tracklist
      01. Bossano 02. Manta 03. Penza