Presslaboys, Neverdogs & Davide Ruberto - Angel

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  • Presslab records have been a force on the scene for near on 10 years with a string of top notch releases and here we see head guys Lugi&Omar-Presslaboys,Neverdogs and Davide Ruberto team up for a 3 pronged aural assault . The Original mix is first off the plate,starting proceedings with a mix of chunky beats,incessant percussive roll and beconing vocal that swiftly lead into a steady build of full bassline and developing rhythms. By the break things strip back as a re-appearance of the vocal begins to mesmerise us along with the addition of subtle stabby chords and whooshing sounds that lift at every turn. The Electro mix is next and develops at a slower pace,keeping the originals groove and creating a blend of electro edged synthlines and 80's bassline along with re-working the vocal.The pace eases off midway as elements drop out briefly,building back up with a distorty guitar riff while all the time staying on a feel good tip. Wrapping this release up is the Presslaboys mix ,twisting an aggressive mix out of spluttery,squelchy acid sounds ontop of electroid beats.Things happen at a dirtier progression,working out an evil streak with use of the vocal and alternating synthlines. Wholesome music from the Presslab crew.