DJ Fuckoff - Fuck You

  • A major highlight from kaptcha's second xenolith compilation, touching on ambient jungle and happy hardcore.
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  • Of all DJ Fuckoff's brash vocal tracks, "Fuck You" might be the most direct: a swirl of "fuck yous," in all sorts of pitches, floating over an Amen break. At first, it sounds kind of like ambient jungle, before it slams into something like happy hardcore (the original '90s stuff) with its writhing bassline and taut, punishing kick drums. Leave it to the German artist to make "fuck you" a memorable vocal hook, but nothing about the track feels particularly ironic: it's brief, well-produced and catchy, with enough tension and turns to delight the dance floor before the DJ moves onto something else. It's just one of many highlights on kaptcha's wonderful new xenolith compilation.