Tonto - Moa

  • Shapeshifting dub techno from one of the UK's most consistent low-key labels.
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  • "Moa" is a highlight from the first new EP on Cong Burn in two years, and the first time a single artist—in this case, Tonto—has helmed a whole 12-inch from the for-the-heads label. I highlight this track because it both exemplifies the EP with its dubby pulse, singing-bowl-like synths and water droplet sounds, but also because the digital version comes with a bonus version, sped-up to sound like how it would play at 45 RPM. Suddenly, Cong Burn 07 becomes like two records at once. At the faster tempo, "Moa" sounds more like '90s dub techno, maybe with a hint of trance in its spongy bass textures. It's ineffable but unique dance music, subtle in most ways with just the right hint of flash. That's the Cong Burn way.