Cinematic Orchestra with Fontella Bass - All That You Give

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  • The Cinematic Orchestra have chosen a good title for their group as it aptly describes the style of music that they play. Very cinematic moody pieces done by an orchestra. With Fontella Bass, they have created what could be a ballad or movie theme piece that could whip the ass off Celine Dion and that crappy Titanic track. This one just needs a movie. Album Version. This has a very Rae & Christian feel to it. Now before you go off about me always comparing other artists/songs to them, you should listen to this. Diva like vocals and lush sweeping strings make this song feel like a 2002 version of Spellbound or Swansong, with a lot more musicality though. The harp introduction gives it that really soothing feel and the piano adds that extra touch. You could almost cry to this. It should be used during the emotional scenes of any movie. Deep. Herbert's Raving Dub. Getting on a little jazzier tip. This mix exudes a bit of cool. Kinda like Jazzanova and keeps the vocals the way they are with a few tweaks here and there. I don't see why he called it a raving dub though. You wouldn't be able to rave to this. Dr. Rockitt's Giving Mix. You're probably thinking, isn't this Mathew Herbert who did the other mix? Yes you are right and the two mixes compliment the original and each other well. Starting off with the same harps as used in the original. This mix is more chopped up and broken compared to the original mix. It's like someone's gone crazy with the input faders and pressed buttons at random to play the samples. Interestingly it works well but still doesn't do anything on the original Kalima - Bootleg Cassette Version. The Cinematic Orchestra going back to original form with their trademark moody cinematic jazz made especially for spy movies. This song even utilises turntables and a sample that sounds like someone talking through a distorted CD mike. The pianist and drummer do a good job here keeping the atmosphere at that dark and mysterious level. Once they grow on your then the sax solo just whips you into a listening frenzy. Time to strap on your gun, put on your shoephones, wear your utility belt and go out there and solve some crime! This track was also done live!