Phonique ft. Alexander East - 99 and a Half

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  • When you hit that magic number you know you’ve been doing something right! As Global Underground has been the trendsetters of the underground with their polished mix series, they have been on the forefront of the new wave of artist to dominate clubland, and to celebrate their 10th release for their Original Music Line, they have taken one of Phonique’s brilliant tracks off of his album as well as the notorious “Fundaction” from Sasha’s own mix CD in 99 and a Half. Kick starting the single comes the previously unreleased version by Henry Saiz, Darker and heavier overtones are the foundation as Saiz’s mix tweaks the original to a naughty electro groove. Crunching beats that follows with the main melody key that slips underneath it all, gradually breaking through the beats to give the track a bit of life; with the voxxed-out vocals, manipulating Alexander East’s voice adds a bit of flare, but it overalls falls short, as it doesn’t have enough variety within the seven-plus minutes Saiz had doing the remix. I:Cube’s mix could easily be said the same as Saiz’s remix, but there’s a much livelier sound, a much more ‘happy-lets-wave-our-hands-in-the-air’ mentality. With the Jamaican themes firmly in place, you almost feel like whipping out a set of Jamaican drums and join in along with I:Cube. Smooth, and easily digestible to any crowd, this is and has been a crowd pleasure for the last few months. Finishing the single is the Original from Phonique himself. Taken from his artist album “Identification,” the silky smooth vibes entice a slow burner for lounges and clubs. Nothing goes too fast, nor does it slow down to a point where it dulls out, allowing “99” to pace its grooves in any and many different rooms. Certainly a must have for any GU fan as the label knows good music.