SCSI-9 - On The Edge

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  • Kompakt's Russian representatives SCSI-9 release their third 12” for the label, delivering three tracks of shimmering tech-pop brilliance. A side “On the Edge” summons up feelings of sweet melancholy and heartbreak, as a softly sighing melody, a looped guitar line, and the tinkling chiming sounds of a music box are delicately layered atop each other. The track dances on the edge of sadness, yet is kept vibrant and alive by a gentle yet insistent 4/4 beat. Gorgeous synths come sweeping in, somehow both uplifting and faintly melancholic: on the edge indeed. Swaying gently on the dancefloor, sad yet beautiful, “On the Edge” is the perfect track for the deepening winter of 2005. As its name suggests, the B side’s first track “Senorita Tristeza” has a faintly Spanish feel. This is not a feel good summery track, however; this is a once beautiful Spanish seaside resort that is now haunted. A ghostly whistling melody slides into the track, as gorgeous shimmering chimes carry us along, reminding us of the once bright summer that is now gone. The second track on the B side, “Sweets & Love”, is all … well, sweets and love. The melancholy of the first two tracks is gone, replaced by a sweet innocent joy. The track almost bursts with happiness, as a bright naïve melody is carried along by a playfully bouncing bassline. Winter may indeed be getting deeper, but there is always time to smile. The “On the Edge” 12” is yet another excellent SCSI-9 release, and cements SCSI-9’s place as an important part of the Kompakt roster. The only question, then, is when they will record a full-length record for the label. Until then, put on this EP, and enjoy the delicate beauty of winter.