Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer - My Dream Ended Here (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

  • Dettmann jacks into The Matrix.
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  • I'm not here to tell you the story of how Marcel Dettmann got involved with the soundtrack of The Matrix Resurrections—we've already covered that. But the track itself is worthy of more discussion. It might be the brightest, most melodic production Dettmann has ever put to his name, suiting the goofy, almost cuddly image he's been giving off for the past few years. It's as patient and tight-lipped as usual, starting from a near-whisper and developing into a Berlin School-inspired, pad-driven march, but the emphasis here is on color, texture and melody, with bits of emotion slipping through. In terms we'd more closely associate with Dettmann, it's the kind of thing that could add a streak of neon to a techno set with the right tool under it. Far from a gimmick or a mainstream turn, the Matrix remix offers a welcome and tantalizing glimpse into a different side of Dettmann.