Zergon - Dolos

  • An EP of IDM-ish experiments from a core Slovenian producer.
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  • When you pick up a non-Newtonian fluid, it forms into a thick blob, crumbles and then slips through your fingers. Ljubljana-based Zergon is a similar shape-shifter: a chemical engineer, a DIY technology geek and an audiovisual artist. For nearly 20 years, his presence in Slovenia's electronic music scene has been as substantial as it has been unpredictable. He's a member of a long-standing underground collective Synaptic Pathways and a regular contributor to Chilli Space, a compilation series with a focus on ambient and dub techno. He releases his new Dolos EP on Kamizdat, a key experimental label to which he's been enlisted since the very first compilation in 2006. The title refers to a concrete block—one of a complex shape, pyramid-like but weirder, often placed in great numbers on shorelines to bolster flood control—and Zergon cleverly captures the way they're used on Dolos. On "Interlock" and "Stabit," the shimmer of ambient pads evokes the surface of the water just before a storm while the acid basslines and syncopated breakbeat foreshadow what’s to come. On "Vertex," the wind howls like a theremin and the acid waves come and go with increasing intensity. And on the title track Zergon's knotty synth pattern resembles how dolos blocks chaotically interlock with each other to protect the coast from erosion. With this EP, Zergon outlines an engineering concept in artistic terms, with music that stands on its own. This is popular science at its musical best.
  • Tracklist
      01. Interlock 02. Stabit 03. Vertex 04. Dolos