Robert Babicz - Mister Head

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  • For those of you with an eye on the dancefloor, 'Mister Head' is the side which should please most. With oscillating gravel-like synths, this track has a very European electroclash feel to it. A minute acid line weaves through the track, drums shuddering at points to break the flow, giving it a punked up feel - not unlike something you might expect in a Felix Da Housecat set. Under-use of hi-hats and snares keeps a tight minimal houseness as intertwining melodies revolve around the track -- it's the same rhythm almost entirely throughout. This is at a lovely tempo for a club floor and will find its way into the boxes of fans of more minimal house and electro, which the Kompakt label caters for very consistently. (7/10) As the title suggests, 'Sonntag' has a laidback weekend feel, conjuring up thoughts of relaxing whilst reading the papers and sipping tea. With more hi-end rhythm than 'Mister Head', a fluid snare tips away while a droning bassline appears, not wavering from its initial sound. The mellow feel of this track shows Babicz exploring deeper. It's a beautiful little track, well put together, although structurally very simple. Soft synths are transposed in the track with pulsing, single-key stabs that just roll along - subtle but very effective in creating a little laid-back groove. Light, bubbling chords rise up and every element has plenty of space. Very nice indeed. (8/10)
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