Benjamin Diamond/Connective Zone - Inner Cycle Pt 1+2/Function

  • Published
    5 Dec 2005
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    Resident Advisor
  • Label
    Immer 001
  • Released
    October 2005
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  • Michael Mayer is well known for his roles as co-owner of Germany's Kompakt label group, international DJ, and mixer of various compilation CDs - the best of which some will strongly tell you, is his 2002 effort, "Immer". Meaning "always", he's also chosen this name for a new re-pressings label - his own pet project and separate from the Kompakt stable. The tracks chosen to be re-released on this new imprint are ones which he says he's always asked about when played out; ones which he's played so much that he now needs new copies. As Mayer admits, this new label is a little selfish; thankfully though, with great taste. On the A side of this first release we have Benjamin Diamond, with a piece unlike anything he's known for, and frankly, anything I've ever heard. A very limited release in 2001 on Benjamin's own label Diamond Tracks, "Inner Cycle 1 and 2" was developed from a short piece he made for a Dior fashion show. Subtle electronic flavours set the scene while a moody, mysterious male voice slowly comes in and out to reveal a tale of a man, of love, of life...yes, the track is about 17 minutes long! Seductively hypnotic and almost melancholic, half-way through the track the sombre organ pads are replaced with soulful strings that slowly start to rise and bring everything up, at first with fresh life, then joyously as a new phat synth lead drives it on. A soft acid hook complements this, and (we presume) Mr.Diamond sings that he "could fly away". Deep, romantic and uplifting, for those out there looking to end a long night on a beautiful note, this could be just the thing. On the flip, "Function" appeared as a B side on techno label Pure Plastic's more experimental offshoot UXB, also in 2001. The UK duo Graham Sims and Simon Button have since ended their work under that name, but unlike the usual banging fare of the parent label, this track (missed by many as the "filler" on the other side) has a timeless, melodic quality to it. Beautiful in pace, it takes time to unroll its motifs...classic bell riffs, active synth lines, a catchy guitar loop, lush pads, soft strings, all underset by a slowly pulsed baseline, this feels like what trance could have been if it had gone deep and gorgeous, instead of fast and over-the-top. Again a certain element of hypnotism means this will be for DJs looking to immerse the floor in an addictive, other-worldly vibe, or just anyone wanting to listen to good music.