Rudefood - Without A Trace

  • Dubbed-out breaks and trance from South London.
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  • London label BEAM, run by James Blake affiliate Mr. Assister, has dropped a couple of intriguing debut 12-inches from mostly unknown artists this year. This spring, BEAM released Peter Rocket's debut 12-inch Esai, a three-tracker spanning various strains of tripped-out downtempo. Now the label continues to stake out a clear '90s trance and tech house-influenced aesthetic with the physical debut of South Londoner Rudefood. The first taste of the forthcoming record, "Without A Trace," is an intriguing mix of progressive-style stabs and a megaton dub bassline, with a "Voodoo Ray"-style vocal sample tucked in for good measure. It's a big, if subtle track anticipating another solid release on BEAM, a label poised to join the likes of NAFF and Kalahari Oyster Cult as a leader of the new (old) school.