Arca - Incendio

  • Highly flammable Brazilian funk.
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  • After teasing it online for months, Arca has finally released "Incendio," intended to raise money for trans and non-binary victims of violence. The production here pays homage to Brazilian funk without compromising any of her signature Arca-isms. Its, well, incendiary rhythms and corrosive drum work bring to mind "UNISIL" from the late, great SOPHIE. Also, it turns out Arca can rap. OK, she's rapped before on "Nonbinary," but on "Incendio" she spits in rapid-fire Spanish with scorched-earth results. With each shriek of the word "Incendio," her voice is modulated into something siren-like. It's a thriller that's bound to raise the heat on any dance floor.