Nôze - Kitchen

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  • A catchy beat attacks with a vocal beginning the ride on "Kitchen". Written in verse, chorus, verse the tight kick drum, long low end bass, itchy woodblock and bell drops lead to a bouncy guitar riff. The chorus jumps in leading to a second verse/chorus song structure before a longer second breakdown gives rise to a female vocal telling her inviting story. A loosely played Rock-esque guitar takes over with a reverb effect - imagine Jimmy Hendrix using MAADDDDD reverb with the beat lowly riding underneath!!! This surfaces out to piano notes, crashing in very un-timed fashion: so un-timed it should cause the dance floor to go BONKERS! More spacey hits chime in on a crazy pattern matching the piano chords. The "I was walking in my kitchen" spiel grabs you right away as a seductive Jamaican sounding male begins conversing with the dance floor. Disgusting track. (9/10) Blippy pokes, crunchy wood and dry air noises make room for a squawky bass while a similar sounding Punk meets Carribean vocal runs around shouting "Tulip Schnaps" on the B-side. A chorus comes in breaking into its own melody of vocal "bum, badda, boom" rhythm. "La, La, Las" are laced in to add a sweetness cueing the original beat and chorus line while the ruff squawky bass rides out with a tuff 4/4 mix. The beat rides out quick on this one so make sure you have your next BOMB already cued up!!! Great new ideas and sounds. (8.5/10)