Kraig Kilby - Sometime Soon

  • Stunning jazz fusion with an electronic twist, given a second life on a new label.
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  • Detroit's Bill Spencer and Izaak Schlossman of synth pop act Loveshadow have inaugurated their new label, Just Us Records, with a re-release of Satori by Kraig Kilby, an accomplished trombonist and keyboardist who has worked with artists such as The Whispers and Etta James. Satori was three decades in the making with Paul Jackson and Michael Clark of Herbie Hancock's Headhunters-era band forming the rhythm section. "Sometime Soon" is one of the more electronic leaning jams, sounding like something Floating Points would play and get trainspotters going wild. It starts off slow, with dusty drums in a typical jazz fashion before exploding into far out space funk with sweeping synths and pads. The record is an incredible look into a period when jazz artists were experimenting with electronic components that would soon shape modern dance music.