Club Traxx Vol 1 - Carl Cox

  • Published
    6 May 2002
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    Resident Advisor
  • Released
    April 2002
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  • Carl Cox is one of the most well known DJ's in the dance music industry and his style of techno is part of what has made him so famous. This latest release is a limited edition 4 track EP and showcases where Carl's production style is heading. These track were all created whilst Carl was on the road touring so they are a good insight into how his mind works while he is locked away from distractions in a bus, train, plane etc with nothing but his 'mini studio'. Each of these four tracks are very different from one another yet all have that banging funky techno style that Carl Cox is so well known for. It's definitely a quality release, Club Traxx Vol. 1 has been released on the Trust The DJ label and is only available online, to purchase your copy log on to Tracklisting: 1. Want a Life 2. Katja 3. Bangbeater 4. Put Your Hands Up