Billie Eilish - Oxytocin

  • This summer's unexpected club anthem?
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  • "I like to do things that God doesn't approve of," Billie Eilish sings underneath a drum pattern that sounds like the walls closing in around you, before shouting, "You should really run away!" The song is an easy highlight off the superstar's new album, an unusually heavy, even jacking track that counts among her most outgoing yet—even if she still sounds like she's breathing into your ear in the corner of some loud club. "Oxytocin," named for a hormone released during human contact, evinces the clever, iconoclastic and lyrical nature of the new LP. After Eilish invokes God, she smugly says, "If [God] saw us / She couldn't look away / She'd wanna get involved." The song gets more and more unhinged, swaggering towards self-destruction until a shuddering climax that sounds more than a little like Nine Inch Nails' "Closer." I'd say you should expect to hear edits of this one for the rest of the year, but hell, the original is powerful enough.