New Chance - Two Pictures

  • Smoky, sultry trip-hop vibes.
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  • "First there was the warmth of the sun / and there was colour," is the first strange, evocative couplet that Victoria Cheong sings on "Two Pictures," an early single from her upcoming LP, Real Time. Her breathy words come over a slow, staggered beat, which sounds a bit like trip-hop run ragged and dragged out of its shadowy, psychedelic '90s peak into something darker. The end of each verse is punctuated by a sombre saxophone riff (played by Karen Ng), whose appearance creates a desolate, yearning feeling—imagine Sneaker Pimps navigating a nuclear winter wasteland, and you'll have some idea of what it sounds like, an intriguing taste of what's to come from the Toronto artist's debut album.