Moodymann - Keep On Coming feat. CD

  • Moodymann serves up a slice of Detroit flavor for an Ibiza pie.
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  • CircoLoco Records is a collaboration between one of Ibiza's biggest promoters and the video game production company Rockstar Games (who are no strangers to dance music.) Moodymann delivers "Keep On Coming" for Monday Dreamin' Green, the second EP in a series of four leading up to the label's first compilation album. It's a typical KDJ track: dreamy pads, meticulous MPC chopping, dramatic breakdowns and some light hand percussion come together in the usual soulful stew. CD adds a jazz flair with scatting vocals and ad-libs, though of course Moodymann himself has a few words to say here and there as well, making "Keep On Coming" feel even more familiar. There's nothing groundbreaking here, sure, but once you have a formula that works, there's little need to change it.