Peggy Gou - Nabi feat. OH HYUK

  • A refreshingly low-key jam.
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  • All through the pandemic, Peggy Gou stayed in the public eye—for better or worse—but we haven't heard any new solo material from her since 2019's "Starry Night." Her first single since, "Nabi," isn't a banger but a laid-back jam, pulling the tempo down to 98 BPM for a unique cut that references everything from '90s electronica and crossover dub to '80s Japanese city pop. Based around a thudding drum machine bit—think Tom Tom Club—and a poolside piano roll, Gou sings an earwormy hook buoyed by plush instrumentation and a head-turning spoken word verse from Hyukoh frontman OH HYUK. This modern mélange of retro references lays bare the appeal of Gou's music: she knows how to write a great hook.