Tapestry Of Sound - Tapestry Of Sound

  • D. Tiffany and Roza Terenzi weave together trance, garage and minimal.
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  • If you've never seen D. Tiffany and Roza Terenzi DJ back-to-back, it's worth making the effort. Together they present a kinetic sound that mixes trance (old and new) with breakbeat, electro and rippling techno. The way they blend tracks and genres practically creates a new style, a tactile and hyperactive sound that they've recently transferred to the studio. As Tapestry Of Sound they put together pieces of different genres like a souped-up custom car, then let them rip for six or seven minutes at a time. On each version of the A-side, "Maypole," you can hear their individual personalities poking through. I'd wager that the "Piano Roll Mix" is D. Tiffany's, thanks to its speed garage bassline and all-round UK swagger. On the "Looming Giant Mix," Roza Terenzi's touch is more apparent, with rude, burping basslines that remind me of her excellent remix of Peyote Dreams earlier this year. If the A-side is all about rambunctious grooves, the flip settles into something trippier. The driving bassline on "Wasp Of A Woman" could be on the peak-time stretch of a '90s Global Underground CD, especially with the looped vocals that play tricks on your brain. Even more hallucinatory is "Inhale, Exhale," which applies the duo's nervy rhythms to something resembling '00s minimal—the drums skip and squirm, ASMR-triggering voices murmur and the track moves sideways like an excitable crab. It's like nothing we've heard from either artist before, but it also carries the blueprint of everything they do: weird, twitchy and irresistibly psychedelic.
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      01. Maypole (Piano Roll Mix) 02. Maypole (Looming Giant Mix) 03. Wasp Of A Woman 04. Inhale, Exhale