otodojo - uproot and replant: an ode to forests

  • An epic 22-minute journey through field recordings, deep techno, trance and kosmische, with an environmental focus.
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  • wave~seed II is the second fundraising compilation from Ithaca, New York label Microtones, collecting money for the Amazon Frontlines project. The whole thing is worth a listen, but the 23-minute closer from label head otodojo is the crown jewel, a collection of field recordings and gently gurgling beats that sounds a bit like a trip through the forest wearing your headphones, taking them off ocasionally to hear the chirp and squawk of birds. You'll hear somber melodies, what sounds like footsteps, and all manner of rich, synthy goodness, finished off by a gorgeous, repetitively nylon-tinged outro that sounds more Tangerine Dream than techno.