LSDXOXO - Sick Bitch

  • It's LSDXOXO's world, and we're just living in it.
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  • "I wanted to make a Dance Mania pop anthem with vocals that had the playfulness and vulgarity of Chicago ghetto house," LSDXOXO explains of "Sick Bitch," the first single off his XL debut. From the minute the vocals come in—"I'm a sick bitch and I like freak sex / If you wanna test the limits of my gag reflex"—the inspiration is clear. LSDXOXO's deadpan delivery might be jarring at first, but it's the kind of bold move that becomes iconic after just a few listens. (The eye-popping video could be a hall-of-famer too.) It's easy to imagine "Sick Bitch" eliciting cheers from excited dance floors no matter how many times they've heard it. The other stroke of genius here is the production, which cuts barebones Dance Mania with a dash of contemporary techno, like the most belligerent melody that loops behind LSDXOXO's vocals. It's less of a throwback than an update, but to compare it entirely to what's come before is unfair to LSDXOXO, who makes jam after jam dripping with personality, humour and, this time, more than a little sex appeal.