Pancratio - Hypnotic Response (Risposta Ipnotica)

  • A trip to Goa and back in eight and a half minutes.
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  • Italian producer Pancratio makes all kinds of old-school tripped-out dance music, but on the latest EP on his onetriptoavyon label he turns the trance factor up to 11. This isn't just fashionable pastiche but a real Goa voyage, eight minutes of pulsating, gurgling, croaking trance. If the G-word scares you off, don't fear, because all eight minutes of "Hypnotic Response" are slow enough for those allergic to trance, maybe even slow enough for an opening set. Each bar of of undulating leads and steady rhythms washes over you like an exhale, with big, brassy synth melodies coming and going like city lights passing by at night. It's sleek, very '90s and completely sincere, the kind of dance music that makes you close your eyes and imagine far-off landscapes.