Time Cow & RTKal - Elephant Man

  • Equiknoxx's tribute to Elephant Man is an ambient dancehall classic.
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  • Last year, the Equiknoxx crew holed up in the studio and made some of their most beautiful and bizarre tracks to date. "Elephant Man," Time Cow, RTKAL and Gavsborg's tribute to the dancehall legend, was released digitally last May, but just pressed up on 12-inch this month. It should go down as a mutant dancehall classic. The track was made in an Airbnb in Kingston after Birmingham-based MC and frequent Equiknoxx collaborator RTKal, Timecow & Gavsborg began to discuss and toast figures who have made "big strides in dancehall culture." While the nonchalant hook, "run the place like Elephant Man," pays tribute to dancehall's "Energy God," the beat is as restrained as it gets, mixing the brutal, minimalist "A Milli"-style bass hits with Gavsborg's free-floating Korg Volca improvisations. The drums are limited to an obligatory kick, making it unclear whether the track is for home listening or the club. In the former instance, the track's hypnotic ambience will shine. On a proper soundsystem, the pared-down banger—deployed correctly—should make a massive impact.