Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time (Far East Remixes)

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  • As the success of the original and remixes rolls on, Digweed himself continuing to play it out, another 2 remixes of "Stoppage Time" have been released to join the fray. Japan's Osamu M delivers, working with Satoshi Fumi on one side. Both cater to the progressive/progressive trance side of things, addressing something the other mixes haven't really got into, Osamu M's Emagine Mix kicking it off on the A. Soft pads backdrop an active but subtle bassline, the retained guitar loop building tension quickly as in the original. The high pitched synth refrain is filtered in and out, making way for something like a harpsichord to drop occasional phrases throughout the track, before it comes through after the breakdown with a spacious melody that has you looking at the end of your set. Where Gerber's version was more of a tension builder, and Max Graham's one to peak the night, this is looking to start the floor floating down on candyfloss underlayed with solid beats and production. Nice effort indeed. With a minimum of other influences, the Osamu M & Satoshi Fumi Mix has its feet planted firmly in melodic progressive soil. The tight looped original refrain is minimised in use, and subtle but dynamic acid is countered by dreamy and soaring notes, plus a higher acid line that goes off on journeys that could have been inspired by Frank Zappa. At the climax there's so much going on, in spacey, out-there kinda ways - teleporting you from your deep, lush, emotive set to another solar system or galaxy may not be entirely out of the question! More peak-time than the Emagine mix, a slowly grooving bassline ultimately rounds this piece out.