Amanda Mussi - Rave Dreams

  • Published
    6 Apr 2021
  • Label
    LPZ Records
  • Released
    April 2021
  • Genre
  • Sleek, breakneck techno from an important name in South American dance music.
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  • Amanda Mussi is a key player in the Latin American club sphere, a veteran of both Brazilian and Paraguayan scenes, but a lot of her work has been behind the scenes. (You can read more about that in her Perspectives piece from last year.) Now she emerges with Rave Dreams, her first solo release on LPZ. It's a full-throttle techno record and its lead track is the best, with a breakneck pace cushioned by its aerodynamic shape. It's fast and hard, yet never claustrophobic. Vintage rave synths and roiling acid basslines add melodic hooks and a touch of the retro, while the metallic whine in the backdrop is a reminder that it's 2021. Backed with stellar remixes from each member of LPZ, Mussi's personal heroes, you get the sense that this is a massive debut for her—and it sounds like it, too.