Polldarier - Spiritual

  • A breakbeat panic attack.
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  • Hungarian producer Polldarier's new single "Spiritual" is meant as an aural (and visual) approximation of the frequent panic attacks he suffers, and what they do to his body. It begins with a screech, disembodied vocal samples paired to erratic, pounding kick drums and then blossoms into full-on breakbeat mayhem. "Spiritual" strikes a balance between unnerving—the chief adjective I'd use to describe the Polldarier project—and banging, though I'd imagine the hectic ending section, where everything seems to go haywire and blurry, might cause some nausea on a dance floor. (Maybe that's a good thing.) Powerful and disorienting without feeling punishing, "Spiritual" underlines the full gamut of emotions and feelings dance music can express.