EYCEE x CHALÉ - Achtig

  • Published
    20 Apr 2021
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  • Released
    April 2021
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  • A clever fusion of UK styles makes for one satisfying house record.
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  • EYCEE's tracks have a sllck, irresistible swing to them, kind of like Bicep if they were more obsessed with 2-step than with trance. "Achtig," his new collaboration with fellow Amsterdam resident CHALÉ, has that same spring in its step, this time with loud, wonky square wave synths lending a hint of grime or dark garage. (And the cheeky ultra-timestretched vocal sample feels like a "Ripgroove" nod.) But the deceptively complex bassline, a hook in itself, means this track is pure summer, with sunshine lighting up its darkest corners. Both heavy and light on its feet, "Achtig" is a jam, pure and simple.