Chippy Nonstop & dj genderfluid - Straight To Hell (Jasmine Infiniti's Single Mom Remix)

  • A diamond-hard remix of Chippy Nonstop's bracing 2020 comeback song.
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  • When it landed in 2020, "Straight To Hell" was a comeback of sorts: Chippy Nonstop's return to rapping and making tracks since her deportation from the USA and her burgeoning DJ career. It showed that she hadn't lost her touch—in fact, it was one of her strongest efforts. A year later and it gets a welcome remix EP that seizes on the original's sharp edges, especially Jasmine Infiniti's "Single Mom Remix," which adds a kick drum and several of Infiniti's best production tics: harsh looped vocals, tuned drums, snare rolls and a hardcore techno sense of pacing, with plenty of tension-building breakdowns for you to catch your breath.
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      01. Straight To Hell (Jasmine Infiniti's Single Mom Remix)