Cashu & Mari Herzer - Espinheira Santa

  • An introspective techno epic from the Mamba Negra duo.
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  • This highlight from Mamba Rec's two-part compilation showcasing Latin American producers comes from two of the crew's chief members. It's a real doozy: 11 minutes of patient, slow techno lapping like calm waves at the shore. The melodies are minor key and introspective, the basslines padded and gentle. At its most majestic, it reminds me of Voices From The Lake. But "Espinheria Santa" is unusually riveting thanks to its careful build-up, a kind of instrumental storytelling where new drum patterns float in and out, and washes of synth slow down and then disappear. It morphs without ever disturbing its calm flow, 11 minutes of gorgeous inertia.
  • Tracklist
      01. Espinheira Santa