Les Rythmes Digitales - Darkdancer

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  • Stuart Price is a producer that demands respect. He is behind so many of clublands biggest commercial successes yet he simultaneously delivers underground tracks that wet the taste buds of even the most discerning DJ. This time Stuart puts on his Les Rythmes Digitales alias and he delivers another collection of music in this, the re-release of the 1999 album, Darkdancer. Spread over two discs, the first disc features original productions by the man himself while the 2nd disc features remixes and videos. There are some fantastic tracks in this first disc. ‘Dreamin’ is a smooth and upbeat groovefest while ‘Music Makes You Lose Control’ has a bit of a retro funk feel to it with its smooth guitar riffs. There is some quality electronic house in ‘Hypnotise’, a production that oozes in style and delicious basslines. We head back to the 80’s with the retro vocal tones of ‘Take A Little Time’. ‘From: Disco To: Disco’ is one of his bigger tracks of late, fielding that distinct squelching riff while ‘Brothers’ has a really good flow and deepness to it with its strong drums and low end bass tones. ‘Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)’ is another production that has received good feedback with adverts also using it commercially. ‘Sometimes’ has a unique feel to it thanks to the vocals while ‘Damaged People’ ends the disc off in style with some smooth stuttered beats and a calming set of strings. A lot of DJ’s will take interest with the 2nd disc here as more club friendly remixes feature, such as the club mix of ‘Jacques Your Body’. The LRD Mix of ‘Music Makes You Lose Control’ is highlight of the disc, using some great bassline note changes to good effect. The LRD mix of ‘(Hey You) What's That Sound?’ is a little more light and upbeat while the Junior Sanchez remix of ‘Sometimes’ is quite a smooth electro house production that moves along at a smooth welcoming pace while the chunky basslines return with the very nice ‘Nancy Jamaica’. All in all it is a pretty good collection of LRD’s work from a few years ago, showcasing the very talented producer he is. I wish it would have come with some more of his fantastic remixes that he has done of other artists as that is often where his best work lies, but nevertheless these original works are quite upbeat and he has a style which is very difficult to ignore, despite the age of the productions.