Proton Radio - The Sound EP

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  • From what was indeed a stellar first release from Proton Radio, Lance Cashion – The Sound, is a release of no less than ten of the tracks, under The Sound EP moniker. Blue Haze – Messy Textures Derek Howell – Western High Blue Haze – Nine Ten Generally the three tracks above are restrained four-four numbers, relying on understated drums, and sweeping melodies that wash over the track enveloping all and really setting the tone. There is a real sense of a lazy summer afternoon running through most of the EP, and Messy Textures and Western high in particular embody this spirit. A bit more driving and more to the point were the following tracks: Micah – Pale Creatures Ray & Peter – That Moment Rich D – Sunrise Girl Sanctuary Moon – Don’t Touch It While still relying on nice smooth melodies to set the scene, they have a harder tinged beat and progress into more dance friendly tracks if you will. Sunrise Girl has a decidedly funkier approach; and the break-down in That Moment, where the drums retake their pre-eminent position over the melody is just pure magic. Digital Witchcraft – Brindavan (Momu Remix) Relisys - Agenda Momu give Digital Witchcraft a bit of a harder edge, basically another melodic, ethereal, spaced out piece of work, as it turns out the theme for the EP, this time playing with a break beat just for a bit of variation. Another break-beat number, Agenda follows again the similar stylistic approach of the earlier tracks, utilising a rather emo melody to subvert what starts and ends out as a rather strong kick beat. Dan Portch – Shoreline Shoreline is definitely the highlight of the release. Amongst some great tracks, Shoreline manages to achieve a brilliant balance between the sharper drum patterns of some and ethereal melodic nature of others. The sampling of beach sounds, the eager drums, another washed out melody through the track. It sums up the whole release in one considerable track. Proton should be congratulated on actually being allowed to release all these tracks, but the major kudos should be heaped on Lance Cashion. The overall nature and feeling of the EP is a perfect relation to his mix CD. Individually the tracks all have their merits with some being truly masterful examples of emotional subdued electronica. Together they are a great collection of tunes filled with intricacies and variations that warrant many listens.
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