JCat - Good Times

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  • After delivering the highly successful, and in my humble opinion, highly playable (both sides!) Flashlighter/Brazilia from Rico Tubbs, Menu music offers up another party rockin' platter courtesy of a brand new signing to the label. After proving his skills engineering tunes for Atomic Hooligan, JCat steps forward to demonstrate his own original productions. Atomic Hooligan graciously return the favour by providing a remix. Side A. Atomic Hoolican Remix Atomic Hooligan's take on the original sees them directing their focus toward a breakbeat dancefloor utilising a heavy breakbeat with a disctinct party rockin feel to it - really sharp hi-hats, subtle snare work and lots of syncopation, quite similar to the drums used in their remix of Underworld's Born Slippy from 2003. To Amba's credit, they've kept the vocals completely intact as well as the "Mardi Gras" bells. Side B. Original Good Times is loaded with fun summery vibes with "Mardi Gras" style bells, a funky guitar riff and a b-boy break. JCat lays down a monotonic and growling bassline on the bottom, which can get a little annoying at times but he spices it up with jazzy saxophone licks - proper use of instrumentation and arrangement hardly seen in breakbeat. Who knows they're probably all sampled from other tunes, but the fact of the matter is, they sound great. Thanks to a good mate, I was informed that the vocals provided by Amba are lifted from an old house tune (thanks Si!) - mixing the old with the new. More quality from the Menu stable, however when I personally tested this one on the dancefloor, it cleared the floor. Hopefully it will work itself into the fans over time and they will really enjoy it.