Presslaboys - Lonizer

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  • Sentient records is still in its infancy yet with its fifth release continues to show a consistency in music that makes it stand out a little bit more. Headed by Justin Garrett we've been treated to exciting music over the last year from such names as Groovemates,Anigue ft The Audio Architects and Decon and Daryl Windham. For this release Italy's rising names -Presslaboys let loose a sliver of sumptuous house music. Version 1 of Lonizer is funked from its start with a cool blend of tight percussion and electro sounding synthline that keeps control of the track as subtle changes in rolling groove take place .The production is crisp and the overall effect is one of smoothness. Version 2takes a dirtier look at proceedings , Ironing out a housier vibe while underneath a tougher shade tries to creep through as rumbling bassline and tribal percussion keep up the peakier pace .