DJ Quest - Rat Records Vol. 1

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  • You may be thinking who this DJ Quest guy is, and before I gave this release a thorough listening, I had no idea who this 22 year old by the name of Marcus Britnell was either. After this release though, we may be hearing a lot more of this talented young man, as well as MC IC3 who does his thing over 1 of the cd’s in the double cd package. Cd 1 features 20 of DJ Quest’s very own productions mixed continuously, while cd 2 has the same 20 tracks, this time with the work of MC IC3 over the top, all tunes being on DJ Dee Kline’s Rat Records Label. The mix is a blend of drum and bass with breaks, the sound being a little similar to that of the Plump DJ’s. You can definitely tell that many of the tunes from the album would be dancefloor friendly, with big baselines and pacey dirty beats. Highlights include the opening tune “Say Yeah”, the piano and old school vibe of “Floor Basher”. “Egypt” comes in with a little hypnotic melody while the flutes are ever present in the fittingly titled “Flute Tune Remix”. MC IC3 certainly adds a bit of life for those that like an MC with their breaks, but don’t let that lead you to believe that the tracks lack energy, as they most certainly have a party feel to them. Add DJ Quest to the ever-growing list of talented breaks artists in the UK. If big heavy baselines are your thing, then you may have found the perfect cd.